Inappropriate Wedding Song Friday 6/30

This might be one of the most inappropriate songs regardless, the kind you dove to turn off in the car whilst driving with parents circa 1994.

Thing is, even though this would be a disaster at most weddings, I HEARD IT AT A WEDDING and it was unforgettable in every way…

The hour was wee.  Most guests had turned in, and the only people left were the bride & groom & a few close friends.  It was one of those frigid summer nights in the mountains of California, but I was nearing black-out drunk and I kept on dancing with my numb self.  “Closer” began out of nowhere, and I don’t remember how it happened, but someone started leading a slow-motion Electric Slide to the beat.  It was perfection, and everyone knew it.  Do I remember much else from that night besides puking in a sink?  No.  But I will never forget the Closer Electric Slide.

Still.. Not Safe For Weddings, in general.


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