Yesterday I bought my wedding band.  We went back to the estate jeweler where the betrothed bought my engagement ring, pictured here:

It’s an original setting from the 20s, loved by someone before me, and chosen with no help from me or friends.  I don’t care too much about jewelry, but the boy has impeccable taste and nailed my style.  I look at it and think, “YES!!!” which probably a good sign.

One day at work a few months into being engaged, someone I had never met walked into the office for something, honed in on my ring, stopped in his tracks and said, “Someone loves you very much!”  It was an awkward thing to say, but most comments about the ring are awkward as hell, and I was getting used to it.  But this guy was being sincere, and he wasn’t talking about the diamond.  It’s not a showy ring, it’s just special.

Anyway I got the ring and the band here, and Claude, a gem in his own right, will take good care of you. (The website doesn’t do his collection much justice, so if you’re in the LA area, make an appointment!)