classic wedding stress dreams

About 6 months ago, after the betrothed and I had made our guest list, found our venue, and set a date, the wedding stress dreams nestled in our bed with us and set up camp in our sleeping brains.  He says he has them every night. (alarming.)  I average 2 per week, that I can recall.

Last night it was like my psyche wasn’t even trying: I put on my wedding dress and it’s a short, pink, fluffy, ruffly mess.  But the show must go on.  Uh-oh!  We haven’t written our vows!! Now I have to spend the whole dream trying to find my soon-to-be husband to write our vows without him seeing me in my revolting dress.  CLASSIC.  After months of these silly nightmares, you’d think they’d get more interesting. (Am I really that worried about my dress?)  If I watch Game of Thrones before bed, I’d like some baby dragons or frozen zombies thrown in there.

Spice it up, sub-conscious.