zip code blues

Moderate set back tonight.  After approving the entire design of our invites & RSVP cards, after re-printing the RSVP cards when they came back one-sided, after ordering a self-inking return address stamp, after sticking all the postage stamps on the envelopes & RSVP cards, I noticed our zip code was INCORRECT.

The right numbers were there, just not in the right order, which is an unfortunately inescapable detail almost always where numbers are concerned.

When my eyes & brain came together in dismay seeing those numbers, I think I said “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa”, which got my partner’s attention.  Once the realization fell over us, it was a few solid minutes of us just sitting there, staring each other & the now-useless stationary that lay before us.  It was eerie, but it also made me happy to feel the utter calm of the scene.  Maybe because there was no one to blame but everyone involved, we just started moving forward.


-re-print the RSVPs (AGAIN) = $56

-re-make the return address stamp = $17.50 + “shipping & handling” (is that band name taken and if not, why not)

-re-buy postage stamps for RSVPs and envelopes we ruined = $50 roughly

-re-address envelopes we ruined = time & energy

-move back Mailing Day while we wait for all of the above = BUMSVILLE, CA (incidentally the town corresponding to the incorrect zip code)

If bad luck is 3 parts per, I’ve got a serving now: my car getting totaled, the letter I got from the unemployment office stating that they overpaid me & I owe them $1600*, and now these zip code blues.  Good thing I don’t believe in superstitions… but if I did, I would hope printing my RSVP cards for the third time would be the charm.

*I’m not really worried about this, because I think I will win the appeal.  However, as of now, I owe them $1600.  Seriously?  They probably don’t know I’M GETTING MARRIED.   I am a BRIDE.   I will talk you & your number DOWN.  Cause my budget is TIGHT, DAWG.