classic wedding stress dreams

About 6 months ago, after the betrothed and I had made our guest list, found our venue, and set a date, the wedding stress dreams nestled in our bed with us and set up camp in our sleeping brains.  He says he has them every night. (alarming.)  I average 2 per week, that I can recall.

Last night it was like my psyche wasn’t even trying: I put on my wedding dress and it’s a short, pink, fluffy, ruffly mess.  But the show must go on.  Uh-oh!  We haven’t written our vows!! Now I have to spend the whole dream trying to find my soon-to-be husband to write our vows without him seeing me in my revolting dress.  CLASSIC.  After months of these silly nightmares, you’d think they’d get more interesting. (Am I really that worried about my dress?)  If I watch Game of Thrones before bed, I’d like some baby dragons or frozen zombies thrown in there.

Spice it up, sub-conscious.


goodbye, green dragon

I said goodbye forever to the only car I’ve ever owned today.  

I bought it for a song from my own mother and put 90 thousand miles on it in 7 years.  I drove it from the east coast to the west coast, from LA to the Canadian border.  Then a drunk driver hit it (and 5 other parked cars!), got to the end of the block, and fled on foot.  Dude is probably in jail, or still hiding somewhere in West Hollywood.  Which is a worse fate to wish on him?

Slightly weird opener to a wedding blog, but it’s just the kind of thing that made me (finally) start documenting the wacky world of wedding planning.  I think the reason there aren’t more documenting-my-wedding blogs (are there?) is because brides & grooms are usually too godsdamn* busy, oh I don’t know… sending back misprinted invites, figuring out what stamps to use for the invites because the ones they wanted were discontinued and they don’t want the cheeseball “wedding” stamps, or they were painstakingly affixing stamps to 100+ invitations.  Cause that’s what I did today, among other thrilling wedding adventures, and that’s why I’m writing this at 12:30am.

For the last year of my engagement, so much crazy bullshit has happened that I can not believe I didn’t start this blog sooner.  BS happens everyday to everyone, but when you’re planning a wedding the H is O.  All that BS is viewed through the lens of THE WEDDING.  A car getting totaled is never fun, but 3 months before a wedding it means revisions to the wedding budget and schedule.  I have to go car shopping next weekend, when I really should be working on decorations for the ceremony aisle chairs.  I do realize how crazy that sentence reads, and it’s exactly why I have to start writing it all out.

*Battlestar Galactica ref, Game of Thrones ref, OR BOTH?  You decide.